Atlantic Records Own, Lauriana Mae:

Atlantic Recording Artist, Lauriana Mae, has released her debut, “Love Mae” EP!  It’s currently available on ITunes!  (Download here:  The debut includes singles ‘Money Mae’, ‘Beat It (Like A Drum)’, and ‘Love’.

Lauriana Mae has a soulful jazzy voice and combines her vocals with hip hop, R&B and pop for an “old school” vibe.  She is definitely an artist you don’t want to ignore.  Check her out, along with her music, and show your support!

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Miami Star, Kane’s, Rap Justice MixTape Released!

Highly anticipated mixtape, ‘Rap Jusice’, was released today, December 1st, 2011.  Kane and his power house recording company, 24/7 Hustle Entertainment Inc. have released the free copy of Kane’s mixtape that was originally scheduled to drop on 11.1.11.

Kane is a Miami powerhouse who previously released  a record, ‘That Girl’ with Ray J in 2009.  With hot beats and a true story behind the music, ‘Rap Justice’ is an album you don’t want to turn your back on.  And if you’re still not sold on downloading the album – IT’S FREE!

Download your copy today!









ATLANTA: Troy Davis Awareness Art Show Case 11/11/11:

Atlanta Residents are invited to attend an Art Show Case in Awareness of the injustice events and execution of Troy Davis.  The event will take place on November 11th, 2011.  You will be able to participate in several things throughout the event including a “protest” photo booth, video presentation, oversized light box of Troy Davis last letter and you will also be able to sign an oversized board showing your support which will be presented to the Davis family.

What’s the purpose?  Why now?  The community would like to raise awareness surrounding the Troy Davis murder.  It is important to stand together and be aware.  Fight for what you believe in.. Fight for what is right!  Pieces of art that will be on showcase will reflect things such as political prisoners, the death penalty, racism in the legal system, and more!

The event will take place on Friday November 11th, 2011 from 7pm-11pm at:

RAW Space Gallery

431 Fair Street – Castleberry Hill

Atlanta, GA 30313

Please see the documents below for further information!  See you there!

Troy Davis One Sheet




Tyrese Gibson is no stranger to success.  Musician, actor, and author are just a few of the titles he possesses.  Having been gone for a while, Tyrese is back at it and is scheduled to drop his latest album on 11.1.11, “Open Invitation”.  This is a much anticipated album for all of his fans across the world.  He has been missed in the music industry for quite some time.

His first official video of the album is “Stay” feat. Taraji P. Henson.  Their chemistry and friendship has bloomed over time since their joint debut on film, “Baby Boy”.  With a sexy and grown feel, this video definitely puts Tyrese back on the map.  Enjoy!



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FTDUBBB (Fu*k The World) is a hip hop group from Cincinnati, OH, comprised of 3 members – Bishop, Feva & Gemini.  Each have their own passions, but collectively bring an amazing and powerful burst of Hip Hop to the table!  FTDUBB isn’t a fly by night one hit wonder, but rather a lifestyle.

MzExec:  How long have you been in the industry?

FTDUBBB:  I (Bishop) met Feva in 04 and he was, in my opinion, the best rapper I’d heard since Pac… He wasn’t workin with anyone and I was running a production company named “StreetBang.” so I initially linked him up with then super producer, Jey 9.  After the underground release of Feva’s 1st solo project, “Fo Eva” the dynamic changed.  In late 08, we formed FTW consisting of FEVA and Bishop. WE hit every open mic possible and gave away cds to anyone that would take one… Gemini began coming to shows with one of Feva’s brothers as an avid supporter… One night before a show, Gemini broke out into a freestyle that lit the room on fire and was instantly DUBBBED.

MzExec:  Did you always know you wanted to be in the music industry?

FTDUBBB:  Music has always been a part of our lives and making came natural… We may not have known it, but it was inevitable.

MzExec:  Do you have your own label or are you signed to any label?

FTDUBBB:  We have our own label… Dubbb Life Ent.

MzExec:  What artists have had an impact or influence on you and why?

FTDUBBB:  Several artists of several different eras, genre’s and backgrounds. Too many to name, but the feeling music gives someone is not restricted to anyone of those categories… Our music is meant to help enhance your experience, whatever it may be.

MzExec:  What do you feel are your biggest strengths as an artist?

FTDUBBB:  Connecting with our audience by making timeless music that people can relate too.

MzExec:  What does music mean to you?


MzExec:  How did your life as a child (and growing up) affect who you are as an artist?

FTDUBBB:  Well, everything we’ve seen and been through has provided learning experiences, which have helped mold who we are as individuals.

MzExec:  What’s next for FTDUBBB?

FTDUBBB:   We have our 3rd group project being released very soon entitled “The DUBBB CARTEL.” Also, we are all workin on solo projects to be released soon as well. There’s a lot more coming up, so make sure to subscribe to the blog-spot page to keep up with Da DUBBB cuz We Here Now!!!

You can also follow FTDUBBB on Facebook and Twitter!  There’s a lot in store for these dynamic artists, so start following them now!


Twitter:  Bishop:  @Bishop_DaGreat

Feva:  @DaFevaMan

Gemini:  @GeminiFTW



Linebacker Brian Urlacher Leaves Indefinitely

Linebacker Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears has left the team temporarily due to the passing of his mother.  Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Brian and his family during this unexpected and difficult time.
It is unclear who will take the linebackers place at this time, but sources say that whomever it is will play well.  Undoubtedly, this is a difficult and saddening time for the team as well.  The Bears are scheduled to play against the New Orleans Saints this Sunday, September 18th.
Again, our thoughts and prayers are extended to Brian and his family as they go through this difficult time.
For more information and further details please visit Yahoo!  The link is listed below.

Yo’Conchus : Cincinnati’s Got TALENT!



MzExec:  You were born in a city that really isn’t pin pointed for it’s musical talent.  Tell us about Cincinnati and how you strive for success in your city.

Yo’Conchus: Well Cincinnati to me always had a bunch of talent. But the majority of them didn’t have the drive or resources to succeed Nationally or Internationally. They would be content with just a local buzz. Also Cincinnati has always been divided and never truly united to break ground in the industry.  So with a mixture of Selfish gain and lack of knowledge Cincinnati has faced years of setbacks. But I strive for success by knowing it’s not about me or money, It’s the people. So I try my best to go hit the streets, get to know my people, and really relate to them. Then at that point we establish a relationship and then come the music, which creates perfect harmony. People will really support you if they get to know you, especially if the music is good and refreshing.

MzExec:  You were raised in a single-family home.  How did this experience mold you as an artist?

Yo’Conchus: Really it established an independency about me. Like, Mom couldn’t do it all. So therefore I must go out and get it. Also at times we struggled financially, so that really inspired me to put myself in a better position to be able to provide without any struggles.

MzExec:  How do you overcome negativity and turn it in to positivity?

Yo’Conchus: I look at it like this. If you’re always complaining about the negative things in your life or the negative things you’ve been through. That’s how your life is going to be NEGATIVE. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and for every situation God has a purpose for it. The problem is that we don’t see IT! So when negative things happen to me, I try and find every little positive thing and utilize it to my advantage. Issues come and go, and there simply tools used to mold us.

MzExec:  It is said that you come from a long line of singers in musicians.  Describe those backgrounds to us and explain how having those affiliates has helped your career.

Yo’Conchus: Honestly I didn’t tap into my musical genes until my late teen years. But it’s been great! I always knew I had an ear for music, but just really thought I was a big fan of it. I grew up in the church and my family was usually the musicians and singers. My grandpa played Piano for a bunch of churches locally, my mom sings, and pretty much everyone in my family either sings or plays an instrument. So really the passion to create music comes from them and that’s huge!

MzExec:  It appears that you are focused more so on gospel as your genre.  How does your music set you apart from other gospel artists?

Yo’Conchus: Well my music typically talks about subject matters most gospel artists don’t! All my music is not created just for the church and for the saved. It’s created for the lost, the hurt, and the sinners. I strive to back my music up with concepts and things ANYONE could relate to.  I love to write stories and blend different technics into one.  I aim for different sound each song.

MzExec:   Are you involved in any outreach programs in your community?  If so, what are they and how do you participate?

Yo’Conchus: Absolutely, well my independent label CM3 has a division entitled “CM3 Outreach Ministries”. Well we come together and create new ways to reach out and help the communities. From the planning to the actually hands on work of outreach, I’m all on it! This is something I would love to do Full-Time in the future.

MzExec:  How did you come up with the name Yo’Conchus?

Yo’Conchus: Lol, Well I was always a CONSCIOUS person and always giving someone advice. I was that guy out the group who was mature and always had something going on. Then when I re-dedicated my life to Christ, I knew I wanted to be a Conscious to the world, because they’re people walking around with NO Conscious at all. So therefore I wanted to be a light in this dark world and actually Yo’Conchus is an acronym for Yielded One Called Out N Christ to Heal Unite and Save.

MzExec:  What is up and coming for Yo’Conchus?

Yo’Conchus: Truly I’ve been blessed; I’m on a Tour right now and averaging at least 2 shows a week. I’m working on a ……

For the rest of this interview, please visit The One Ten Magazine website.  My full interview with the young, Yo’Conchus is available there!

(Courtesy of One Ten Magazine)

R&B Greatness: Da’Shawn


Born DeM’arcus DaShawn Miller June 4th 1987 The Dominican/African American Artist DaShawn Has Made A Huge impact into the R&B World. Gaining More and More Fans Everyday from different states even countries with his smooth voice and catchy Songs.. DaShawn went Solo in 2008 after being in a group since his was 12. Group had little success but in two year period DaShawn has become a household name with Hit Singles like “All Night Long” and “Can U Handle It” Now 23 years old DaShawn has also Stepped foot into the acting world after recording a role in Disney’s Generation Y which Debuts August 2010 as well As NBC’s “Friday Night Lights” No Set date on the release yet.

MzExec: You were first discovered as a member of “Unique” as a teenager. Tell us about your beginning and how exactly you were “discovered”. 

Da’Shawn: Can’t remember the exact month but it was in 2001 when we (unique) went to G-Spot entertainment to Record our demo. After The session the CEO of that label was impressed with us and the next day we received a call from him saying he wanted to set up a meeting with us to talk about signing with his label. That was really when we were discovered. Back then I really didn’t sing too much in the songs just background. Because at the time I was very shy. Still Shy today but not as much lol

MzExec: After being able to produce a hit single with ‘Unique’, the group parted. How did this split affect your mindset as an artist? 

Da’Shawn: The Split affects your mind in a negative way and a positive way. The negative is that now you’re on your own. Them guys you grew up singing with is no linger in the picture. The positive is you can take everything you learned and continue to press forward. You know longer have to wait on people. I feel going Solo was honestly the best move I’ve made. Not knocking the group at all but we never had radio play or just that Hit song. But as a Solo Artist I’ve been on multiple radio stations and had 3 songs hit Music Charts. But i really appreciate everything i learned from them guys.

MzExec: You didn’t begin working on your solo mixtape until you were about 19 years old. What was it like to finally be singing on your own? How does this differ from you being in a group? 

Da’Shawn: Like I mentioned in the last statement being solo you really don’t have to depend on others to get stuff done. Really all the pressure is on you. So it motivates you to stay on your grind. It’s funny because my First mixtape (Diary of Da’Shawn) was recorded in my Dorm Room Freshman year in college. I was bored so I just started singing to different beats. Wasn’t shooting for a mixtape but after recording about 5 songs I started the Project. At The time of that mixtape I was still in a group with former Unique Member Sino B. We formed a two man group called 2 A.M. Not too many people know it, but that mixtape was the biggest reason our group split. I never officially released that mixtape but I let some friends get copies. Then before you know it, it was everywhere and I began to get noticed as Da’Shawn & not 2 A.M. I never intended on that happening that way.

MzExec: Tell us about your first single, “All Night Long”. 

Da’Shawn: All Night Long was actually the First Single for Us (2 A.M.) It was our best single as a group. My First Hit Single as a Solo Artist was “Late Night Show” This song is the song that made radio play and it was actually my Debut Video. Late Night Show reached #12 on the Top 100 R&B Songs of the week on

MzExec: You were also involved on an ABC show. Tell us a little more about that and how that played a role in your current career.
Da’Shawn: Yeah I had the privilege to be apart of a ABC Network Show called “My Generation” starring Jamie King & Mechad Brooks. I was originally in one scene which was the graduation scene in the show. Then with my size they asked me to play the role of one of the football players at the pep rally. After that, I also played one of the starters on the basketball team. (lol) I really enjoyed working with the cast especially Mechad, “Great Guy”. Its funny cause during the shoot I never knew who he was. Then one day I was home watching A BET Show & saw him. (lol) Guess he remembered me because he added me on Facebook. But doing this show helped get my face into the public eye in a major way, because millions watch ABC. It also helped me out by showing that I can be multi-talented

MzExec: You started singing at such a young age. Did you find it difficult to transition yourself into a more mature sound and audience? (Explain) 

Da’Shawn: Yeah it was difficult at first being so young because in the music industry there’s so much stuff you have to do which is time consuming. And being young I still wanted to live my regular life; Play sports in school, hang with friends. I quit the group like 2 times so that I could do those things. (lol) But my love for music never left…..


For the rest of the story on R&B Sensation, Da’Shawn, read my completed interview on the One Ten Magazine Website!

(Courtesy of One Ten Magazine)

Cincinnati Native, Katt Williams, Threatens A Fan:


Cincinnati was blessed to have one of their own back in town this past Friday… Or so they THOUGHT they were going to be blessed anyways!  Katt Williams had a show and performance this past Friday night in Cincinnati with SEVERAL disappointed fans.  Before getting an even bigger scoop today, my Twitter time line and Facebook wall was filled and over flowing with complaints about the show just three days ago.

I recall one person saying that he was late to come on to the stage – that after they announced him coming out the DJ had played 4 songs and Katt STILL hadn’t come to the stage.  I’m not quite sure if it was the annoyingly long wait that he gave his fans or if there were some other factors that weighed in but many fans were disappointed and angered at the event.

The show was so engulfed in anger that, as one fan boo’d at Katt when he came on stage, Katt began to threaten him.  It wasn’t just a simple threat, it was a long winded, several minute long threat, at which time Katt began to take off clothes, hats and jewelry and looked as though he was about to jump off stage to take care of business!  Was this a part of his act?  You would think and hope that two grown people wouldn’t act absolutely ridiculous like these two, but apparently, some people don’t have common sense from time to time.  Needless to say several fans were disappointed and MANY walked out on him in the middle of the show!

For further information and a video clip of the incident that occurred in Cincinnati, visit  We’re still trying to figure out what happened over all to make this such a bad experience.  This is the SECOND time that Katt Williams has come back to the Cincinnati area and has provided his fans with a lackluster and ridiculous performance.

(Courtesy of 101.1 The Wiz – Cincinnati)


Click below to watch the Video (Courtesy of Ask Kissy) (FYI:  Strong and explicit language)

Andy Whitfield, Star of ‘Spartacus’, Dies At Age 39


Hollywood is buzzing as loved ones and fans of the young star, Andy Whitfield, mourn over his untimely death.  Whitfield was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma about a year and a half ago.  He died in Sydney, Australia at the young age of 39.

For more information about the star, credits and life visit