Yo’Conchus : Cincinnati’s Got TALENT!



MzExec:  You were born in a city that really isn’t pin pointed for it’s musical talent.  Tell us about Cincinnati and how you strive for success in your city.

Yo’Conchus: Well Cincinnati to me always had a bunch of talent. But the majority of them didn’t have the drive or resources to succeed Nationally or Internationally. They would be content with just a local buzz. Also Cincinnati has always been divided and never truly united to break ground in the industry.  So with a mixture of Selfish gain and lack of knowledge Cincinnati has faced years of setbacks. But I strive for success by knowing it’s not about me or money, It’s the people. So I try my best to go hit the streets, get to know my people, and really relate to them. Then at that point we establish a relationship and then come the music, which creates perfect harmony. People will really support you if they get to know you, especially if the music is good and refreshing.

MzExec:  You were raised in a single-family home.  How did this experience mold you as an artist?

Yo’Conchus: Really it established an independency about me. Like, Mom couldn’t do it all. So therefore I must go out and get it. Also at times we struggled financially, so that really inspired me to put myself in a better position to be able to provide without any struggles.

MzExec:  How do you overcome negativity and turn it in to positivity?

Yo’Conchus: I look at it like this. If you’re always complaining about the negative things in your life or the negative things you’ve been through. That’s how your life is going to be NEGATIVE. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and for every situation God has a purpose for it. The problem is that we don’t see IT! So when negative things happen to me, I try and find every little positive thing and utilize it to my advantage. Issues come and go, and there simply tools used to mold us.

MzExec:  It is said that you come from a long line of singers in musicians.  Describe those backgrounds to us and explain how having those affiliates has helped your career.

Yo’Conchus: Honestly I didn’t tap into my musical genes until my late teen years. But it’s been great! I always knew I had an ear for music, but just really thought I was a big fan of it. I grew up in the church and my family was usually the musicians and singers. My grandpa played Piano for a bunch of churches locally, my mom sings, and pretty much everyone in my family either sings or plays an instrument. So really the passion to create music comes from them and that’s huge!

MzExec:  It appears that you are focused more so on gospel as your genre.  How does your music set you apart from other gospel artists?

Yo’Conchus: Well my music typically talks about subject matters most gospel artists don’t! All my music is not created just for the church and for the saved. It’s created for the lost, the hurt, and the sinners. I strive to back my music up with concepts and things ANYONE could relate to.  I love to write stories and blend different technics into one.  I aim for different sound each song.

MzExec:   Are you involved in any outreach programs in your community?  If so, what are they and how do you participate?

Yo’Conchus: Absolutely, well my independent label CM3 has a division entitled “CM3 Outreach Ministries”. Well we come together and create new ways to reach out and help the communities. From the planning to the actually hands on work of outreach, I’m all on it! This is something I would love to do Full-Time in the future.

MzExec:  How did you come up with the name Yo’Conchus?

Yo’Conchus: Lol, Well I was always a CONSCIOUS person and always giving someone advice. I was that guy out the group who was mature and always had something going on. Then when I re-dedicated my life to Christ, I knew I wanted to be a Conscious to the world, because they’re people walking around with NO Conscious at all. So therefore I wanted to be a light in this dark world and actually Yo’Conchus is an acronym for Yielded One Called Out N Christ to Heal Unite and Save.

MzExec:  What is up and coming for Yo’Conchus?

Yo’Conchus: Truly I’ve been blessed; I’m on a Tour right now and averaging at least 2 shows a week. I’m working on a ……

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(Courtesy of One Ten Magazine)